About Us

We are an NGO focused on promoting good health and human rights around the world. In particular, our mission is to help refugees from war-torn or impoverished areas around the world find a new, safe home where they will be welcomed and have the chance to start a new life. We believe that everyone around the world should have the same rights and access to the same resources, and we want to work to make that happen within the next few decades. We currently do this by providing resources to those who are in humanitarian crises around the world, as well as informing the general public about what they can do to help refugees and others who have suffered civil rights violations.

We publish frequent news and editorial content focusing on human rights around the world, and we hope that you check back often to stay informed. Additionally, we want to encourage everyone who believes in our cause to get involved in some way, even if it is small. It’s up to us to help those around the world who are less fortunate than we are and provide them with the means to start a new life where they can live safely. Have questions? You can always discuss them with us, and we may even post them on our site to help others who have similar concerns. If you are interested in getting involved with our efforts, you can also contact us to find out more and see what specific opportunities are available in your area.

If you want even more behind the scenes content and daily updates, be sure to follow us on our social media pages to keep up with our activities. We post regularly and love answering your questions there as well.